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Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Your Home Inspection

Thermal imaging is a beneficial tool. It lets us see much more than we can with the naked eye. With thermal imaging we can see things like: Defective electrical issues, moisture that could lead to bio growth, hot and cold areas that may lack insulation, leaking roofs, and pest infestations.


Moisture from leaks or built-up condensation will show up as either a cold or hot signature depending on the outside temperature. Moisture is a major concern for structural components and bio growth that can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.


Even small roof leaks can cause major damage and that is why it is important to use thermal imaging. Thermal imaging can detect moisture holding a different temperature to its surrounding surfaces and could indicate a roof leak.


Loose connections, defective components, and undersized wiring can be hazardous. These hazards will give a unique heat signature when present and are important areas thermal imaging is used to detect a potential problem.

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