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Why should you consider a sewer scope inspection?

Sewers are one of the most overlooked, high cost replacement items in a home. In most areas, the homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the sewer lateral that connects the residence to the public sewer system. Sewer laterals have several types of piping material that may have been used in the construction process. Of these pipe materials, some are known for having issues that could cause the homeowner to pay for replacement, repair, or unclogging. Northwest Home Inspections can scope your sewer lateral using a specialized camera to assess the condition and potential future repair or replacement of your sewer.

Problems we can find.

Certain piping materials are more prone to issues over the course of their life. Our video recording sewer camera will give you a visual on your sewer lateral and the condition it is in. Several different issues can be found that may result in high cost repair or replacement. We look for:

  • Cracks or broken areas of pipe
  • Roots in pipe joints causing blockages
  • Accumulated debris causing blockages
  • Unseated joints from poor installation
  • Broken taps into the sewer main
  • Bellies holding water from settling

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