What is inspected:

        • Structure
        • Site, Exterior, and Enclosure
        • Roofs
        • Plumbing System
        • Electrical System
        • Heating System
        • Air Conditioning System
        • Interiors
        • Insulation and Ventilation
        • Fireplaces
        • Attached Garages or Carports

Inspection Overview

Inspection Day

Your home inspection will take approximately 1.5 - 3 hours to complete. It is recommended that you, as the home buyer, attend your inspection. However, if you can not be present for the inspection we can easily conduct the inspection review over the phone. On the day of your inspection, all systems of the home will be inspected for major defects and all issues that can lead to future problems with a follow-up conversation discussing all issues found.

Your Report

Your inspection report will be written and to you in a timely manner. Our reporting software allows us to send all reports electronically which gets it to you faster. The report will be easy to read and have a clickable glossary for fast navigation as well as a summary of found defects for quick reference. You will have the convenience of having a electronic document that will be able to be printed if you prefer a hard copy.

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